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UNWG New York Chapters

Membership of the Guild shall be open to any woman staff member or retiree, wife, mother, sister or daughter of a staff member or retiree of the United Nations and its specialized agencies, including those connected through long- or short-term consultancies.


Membership shall also be open to a current woman staff member or wife, sister, or daughter of a staff member of a Permanent Mission to the United Nations.

Women connected indirectly with the United Nations or its specialized agencies (such as members of Consulates and Non-Governmental Organizations or their wives and relatives) and women who are not connected with the United Nations but whose contributions would be considered valuable to the UNWG may be invited annually to become Special Members. They shall not be eligible to hold any office or have the right to vote. The number of Special Members should not exceed 20 percent of the Guild membership.


2024 Coordination Board

Honorary President: 



Ms. Annette Hayrapetian

Vice President:

Ms. Ellen Sung ok Kwon


Ms. LeNelle Suharto

Assistant Secretary:

Ms. Arai Tsunashima
Ms. Nancy Colbert



Ms. Neelam KAKAR


Assistant Treasurer:

Ms. Rosely Saad

Communications Committee: 

Ms. Zoe Chang

Fundraising Committee:

Ms. Genoveva Wallach


Membership Committee:

Ms. Pierangela Shaw


Projects Committee: 

Ms. Isabel Aleta

Sales Committee: 

Ms. Ginet Cubillos

Overseas Liaison Office:

Ms. Ana Soto




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