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UN Women's Guild, New York - Fundraising Concert

United Nations Women's Guild is hosting a virtual concert to raise funds for its projects that support vulnerable children globally, on Saturday, 23 October 2021 at 7.00 pm New York time. 
An international virtual concert with artists drawn from different parts of the world.
A true United Nations gathering. Enjoy!

Upcoming Virtual Concert and Fundraising Event

Join us on October 23, 2021 for the UNWG 73rd Anniversaey Celebration. This year, we will be celebrating by hosting a virtual concert featuring a UNWG historical slide show, international musical performances, and more. 

Proceeds from this fundraising initiative will go towards helping vulnerable children around the world and those effected by Covid-19.

Click to download our letter to donors and contribution form.

We have extended our deadline until October 15, 2021.

Those who want to add  their names in our souvenir booklet are encouraged to do so. But you can donate UNWG throughout the year. It would be highly appreciated.

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Project Spotlight: PHILIPPINES. Tahanan Sta. Luisa. Sewing Center Social Enterprise Project 

Tahanan Sta. Luisa (TSL) is a crisis intervention and recovery center for abused street girls in Metro Manila. It is helping them to recover in body, mind and spirit to enhance their feelings of self-worth and dignity and enable them to reintegrate into regular community life. The United Nations Women’s Guild (UNWG) has been supporting TSL since 2011. In 2018, it was awarded a special grant of $10,000.00 for a Sewing Center Social Enterprise Project. This is ‘an integral component of TSL Caring, Healing and Teaching (CHT) framework for these girls. 

Caring provides basic needs. Healing includes psycho-social in-terventions, medical and dental provisions. Teaching involves non-formal and alternative basic education, life skills training, income generating projects and spiritual and values clarification. Working with local authorities and other social services agencies, TSL has supported 600 girls to date. At the end of 2017, TSL moved into its own building, which required a great deal of adjustments, re-evaluation of its procedures and criteria for accepting girls. These resulted in the reduction of the current girl residents from 15 to 10 .Recruitment is going on to reach a maximum capacity of 24.


The girls learned to use the industrial sewing machines and edging machines with safety precautions. They acquired additional skills such as sewing on zippers, finishing the edges by machine or by hand. The teacher gave the girls step-by-step sewing instructions and posters to make different items. Sewing products started out with simple tote bags, coin purses, small pouches – items which were quickly bought by TSL visitors and volunteers. Volunteer Groups, Production and Sale Volunteer artist groups came around to give lessons on how to paint on fabric or to decorate with beads and buttons. The girls tried their hands on painting and decorating their bags. Interested donors and partners gave ideas about designs and marketing opportunities. Social Enterprise for Personal Development As a personal development channel, the project has been a significant contributor to the education and healing of the Tahanan girls. 




celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the United Nations

by Ana Soto and Ksenia Poncet



Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the United Nations

Project Spotlight: Esperanza in Spades in Ecuador
by Elisabeth Philippe

“It does not matter where we help. Children in need have no nationality, no borders,” said Genoveva Wallach in espousing the UNWG Secretariat Group’s mission across hundreds of projects. Grupo deAcción Social Esperanza - Valle de Los Chillos in Fundacion Alinambi, in Conocoto, an impoverished area near Quito, Ecuador, which she visited recently, offers a ready example.


The Foundation provides education, training and shelter to nearly 200 children ages 2-to-14, many whose parents are in prison. With a clear goal to move street kids into a safer environment, the grassroots organization marks its 20-year anniversary this year. The Foundation has proven that it is not only sustainable, but it is also giving children a better chance at life. Based on the number of gardening, sewing and carpentry projects that line the facility, the youth gain skills and reveal talents even they might have thought unimaginable. By recycling paper, they have even produced cards for sale.


Lessons of responsibility, respect for justice, human equality and the value of diversity, have taken hold like the firm roots of the vegetables and fruits cultivated in the 2,500 m2 of farmland. Homeless children receive shelter and through the efforts of Lorenzo Jumbo, Founder, remain with their siblings – a situation unique among orphanages in the region. UNWG Secretariat Group’s fundraising initiatives put food on the tables and stock ingredients for the bakery. Other funds enable the children to make school uniforms out of newly-purchased fabric and produce woodwork. Resources remain scarce, however, and this is why our support is vital.

While nutrition tends their bodies, moral values their spirits and classroom activities their minds, it is the personal interaction with a group of dedicated women in the area who have lunch with the children at least once a month who perhaps have made the most indelible impression. “The children love it,” said Genoveva, who like many internationally-based volunteers, visits every year.
“We like to go and make a point of it,” she said. “We put a ‘face’ to the project and importantly, children understand that while we are many miles away, there are 200 women like me who care for them.”

50 years of the United Nations Women's Guild Calendar Towels

The United Nations Women’s Guild is a voluntary organization of women connected to the United Nations that works for the benefit of children in need around the world. The Guild, a non-profit, charitable organization has been sustaining small programs and raising funds for children in need mainly in developing countries for over 63 years. Your purchase of this Calendar Towel, which is sold along with other items at the UNWG Gift Shop located in the visitors' section at United Nations Headquarters in New York, as well as through mail orders, enables UNWG to continue this important work. Click the button below for a slideshow of 50 Years of our Calendar Towels.

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