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This is a rehabilitation center for disabled and handicapped children of the Cocle province of Panama from very poor and low-income families providing them with physical and occupational therapy and medical services, medicines and nutritional supplements, referrals to specialists and other centers.  They provide them with orthopedic equipment like wheelchairs, canes, etc.  They care for about 190 children ranging in age from 0 – 15 yrs.  They have 3 salaried staff and 30 volunteers.  Provided funding by Secretariat Group.




This project is an orphanage, day care center, school, rehabilitation center and community dining room.  They serve 350 children providing them with housing, food, clothing, education and medical care. They organize workshops for vocational training empowering the older children to obtain better employment opportunities.  They also have kindergarten classes for 150 children. Funded in 2006, 2002, 2001.

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