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UNWG Projects

In spite of the numerous efforts of governments and multi-national

organizations to address the deplorable situation of needy children, the problem still persists and, at times, support fails to reach those intended.

In countries where this problem is most acute, charitable groups have taken the initiative to set up projects to alleviate the day-to-day living conditions of children – i.e., providing a safe and warm place to accommodate street children, orphans and disabled children; ensuring substantial meals and decent living conditions, setting up a school that teaches children rudimentary reading and writing; dispensing medical assistance to sick children, etc.


Throughout the years, guild members, in the course of their travels, have been made aware of these initiatives. These projects are often times bypassed in favor of the more established institutions that have to undergo a lot of “red tape” to receive funding. The Guild channels its support to these projects that work “hands-on” towards the immediate needs of the children. Money is given directly to these projects and the guild monitors their progress.


Click on the country below to view the projects that receive support from the United Nations Women's Guild.




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