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2022 UNWG Calendar Towel

The 2022 Calendar Towel (CT) contributes significantly to more than 70 years tradition of the UNWG raising funds to benefit children in vulnerable situations, mostly in developing countries.

The 2022 CT was designed by Ronel Joven Jr., (RJ), a 19 year old paraplegic who lives in Sorsogon, Philippines. He was born with the Brittle Bone Disease, together with three other siblings. Unable to walk, RJ continues to persevere and taught himself how to paint by watching YouTube videos. He was excited to design the 2022 calendar to help other vulnerable children through the UNWG. In his words, “despite the pandemic, we will stay connected with each other. We still stay strong and happy. Always think that there is HOPE.”

The 2022 Ct costs $15.00. Together with other items, it is sold at the UNWG Shop located in the Visitors’ Centre of the UN in New York as well as through mail orders at Payment can be made through PayPal.

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