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UNWG Annual General Meeting,11 March 2022

UNWG held it’s 2022 AGM on Friday, 11 March via zoom from 1030 a.m. to 1:00p.m. Each year the Guild organizes its Annual General Meeting (AGM ) at United Nations Headquarters. Since the UN is not yet open for everyone, so this year guild held its AGM via zoom. In preparation for the AGM, the guild compiled a Newsletter the included the 2021 annual reports. Isabel Rojas Aleta from Manhattan group and Ellen Sung Ok Kwon from Secretariat group compiled and designed the Newsletter. Coordination Board members presented their 2021 activities annual report to all the members. This time they highlighted major issues with the understanding that full reports can be obtained from the Newsletter. President Raunaque Jahan ( Ranu Ferdous ) chaired the AGM. Over 30 members joined the AGM .

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