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Virtual Concert Souvenir Book

The United Women’s Guild (UNWG) held a Virtual Concert on 23 October, 2021. The objective was to raise funds to support children in vulnerable situations worldwide. The concert took place on the 73rd Anniversary of the UNWG. It was streamed in the UNWG YouTube channel. The concert was the result of the collaborative efforts of UNWG, friends, sponsors and donors and the ten performers who came from various countries and cultures. A Virtual Concert Souvenir Book was produced. It includes information and photos of Guild activities. The performers are also featured in the Book.
On 23 March, 2022, the books were first distributed at the UNWG office, to members of the Fundraising Committee. The UNWG Group Directors received copies for their members who donated to the concert. Books were also provided to the performers, donors and other contributors. Recipients
of the book expressed their appreciation of it.
Some members who did not donate to the concert bought some books.
Copies of the Souvenir Books are on sale at the UNWG Souvenir Shop in
the UN. To collect this booklet, please contact this email: .

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